Scheduler for Salesforce

an add-on from FreeBusy that lets you offer automated

scheduling experience from within Salesforce

Using appointment scheduling and meeting polls

Attract quality leads and connect with customers
10x faster

Expedite your Sales Cycle

Save an hour a day to help Sales team talk to more prospects

The Scheduler allows a salesperson to share their real-time availability as a personalized link from within Salesforce. They can even suggest a few preferred times making it easy and quick for the prospect to pick from.

When a meeting is proposed, Scheduler automatically syncs it with the Salesforce records, adds web-conference session and sends out a calendar invite, saving ~15 mins of manual work for each meeting.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make it easy to schedule a support call and increase your NPS

An account executive can use the Scheduler to share a booking link to the team's availability. This gives customers access to more time options to schedule a call.

The Scheduler saves a ton of time for the support team by automatically assigning the account executive for the meeting using round-robin distribution.

Automate Campaign Attribution

Track Campaign ROI with scheduled meetings attribution

As a marketer, FreeBusy allows you to add Campaign details as tracking parameter with the FreeBusy booking page links.

When a meeting is scheduled through these links, the Scheduler records the activity and automatically adds a reference to the associated Campaign. This makes it super easy to measure ROI as needed.

Eliminate email back and forth

Automate scheduling a meeting involving multiple stakeholders

When multiple participants are added for a meeting, the Scheduler automatically creates a meeting poll to send it to all the participants. You can make it easier for participants by suggesting a few times to vote upon

The Scheduler automatically schedules the meeting at the earliest time when everyone is available saving a ton of time for everyone involved.