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Differentiate yourself and make it easy for your clients to communicate and meet with you.

Use FreeBusy to easily schedule one-on-one meetings, create distinct availability time ranges for each client, and efficiently schedule presentations, training sessions or webinars.

Be more accessible to your clients
Seamlessly schedule co-working sessions and easily communicate with your clients.
Unified availability

Share your unified availability and let your clients self-schedule time to talk to you

FreeBusy integrates with all your existing calendars, even when you work with multiple clients and projects. Increase revenue and retention and build a better relationship by letting your clients easily schedule calls with you.


Create separate groups of calendars for every client

Easily share team availability to you clients and at the same time get availability from your clients, by creating groups of calendars for every client.
You can instantly see everyone’s real-time availability side-by-side and immediately book a mitting, without leaving FreeBusy.

group availability IN REAL TIME

Poll meetings participants for preferred times

Easily share team availability, suggest meeting times and let your clients vote on preferred times .
You can instantly see everyone’s availability and votes for preferred times, side-by-side and in real time so you can quickly find the best time to meet.

web conferencing integration

Easily schedule status video calls and sessions with your clients

FreeBusy integrates will all major web conferencing services. It automatically ensures the scheduled meetings are prepared with conference call information so you don't have to remember to add dial-in numbers by hand.


Maintain productivity in the face of heavy traveling by efficiently handling different time zones

FreeBusy automatically detects every meeting participant time zones and ensure everyone sees the right times and availability.

GLOBAL time zones

Maintain productivity when traveling with automatic time zone handling

FreeBusy automatically detects every participant's time zone and ensures everyone sees meeting times in their time zone.


Integrate individual and team availability directly with your website

Add the Pick-a-Time button on your website to let you clients find the best time to meet with a single click away. See more details


Highly customizable availability preferences

From separate preferences for people inside & outside your company, to preventing scheduling calls back-to-back.


Highly customizable availability preferences

You are in complete control when and how you are available for meetings. Set time range for each weekday, decide if you want to review meeting proposals before accepting, and preset meeting location, title and agenda See our Help Center for more details.

Clients can schedule time to meet with you with a single click.

Using FreeBusy your clients can easily schedule one-on-one and group calls, coaching and training sessions.

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" Started using FreeBusy to schedule client calls as a consultant. I love that I can create a team of consultants and share the calendar with one link. The client then can pick the easiest time.

Casey D. - Consultant

" FreeBusy has made it very easy for me to communicate my schedule with clients. Single link to my calendar, ability to create groups of calendars, ability to add my GoToMeeting link into the description of every invite.

Spencer P. - Solutions Consultant

" The integration with many providers is great, including Zoho which is very rare and Exchange also, and not only with Outlook 365. No more back and forth in organizing my interviews.

Oliv R. - Recruitment Consultant

" I was first introduced to FreeBusy through a co-worker, and it has become such a staple of my day to day work life, I would not know what to do without it. It's in my signature line and every email I send.

Patrick C. - Sales Operations Manager

" Accommodates scheduling complexities of having multiple calendars. No other service handles this without very painful workarounds, and this takes it up a notch with easy URL-based calendar switches.

Chris R. - Co-Founder

" I like the appearance, ease of use and the ability to create custom hyperlinks for 15/30/60 minutes. Prospective and current customers compliment the service.

Aaron W. - Lead Territory Manager

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in large and small companies. See more testimonials on Capterra!

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